On being an Automattician

One of my teammate’s thought on working for Automattic.

Ryan C.

I started working full time at Automattic in May 2013. When I see the date written down, it doesn’t seem like a long time. Yet I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I often get questions about what exactly I do. Or what it’s like working for Automattic in general. Some questions are easier to answer than others. But perhaps sharing my own personal experience will shed some light on some of the most common ones.

I’m part of the Aurora Team. Most of the work that we do is with the Jetpack plugin. The work itself can vary quite a bit depending upon the day. But the endgame is always the same – try our best to make sure our users are happy.

Just yesterday, I wrote a small plugin to help someone customize Jetpack for their site. I found and reported a bug. I answered support questions…

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