Chimay Triple (White)

Any mention of a Chimay beer makes me want to head to the store, buy one, realize I should wait for a special night to enjoy it, then drink another beer while looking at the Chimay and my calendar to figure out when it a good time to block off a night to enjoy it.

365 Brew

Chimay Triple (White) 8% ABVChimay Triple (White)
Belgian Tripel
Chimay Peres Trappistes

Chimay, what wonders and pleasures do you have in store for me today?  Your Blue Cap and Red Cap brews took me places I knew not that a beer could transport me to.  To this day, my tasting of the Chimay Blue is my best crafted and most read review I have posted.  The Chimay Red will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first review I ever posted.  Many months I have waited in ardent anticipation to taste and review the Chimay White.  Will you live up to the high standards of your siblings or merely be the Cooper Manning of the Chimay family?  Let’s find out.

I had the privilege of pouring an 11.2oz bottle of this Triple or Tripel into an official Chimay goblet glass.  What better way to enjoy a brew…

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