Whole Foods

This was a conversation held in an elevator in New Orleans.

::On the elevator when a couple boarded. We exchange hellos.::

Man: You visiting here?
Me: Yeah, from Austin, TX.
Man: Austin? Like South by Southwest, huh?
Me: Yeah.
Man, to his girlfriend/wife: Did you know that’s where Whole Foods started?
Woman: No.
Man: The Whole Foods there is off the chain. It’s like a superman Whole Foods. That’s the one with the cafe inside right?
Me: Yeah, the corporate headquarters is atop the store too.
Man: Boo, you don’t understand. It’s like a Whole Foods restaurant inside the store. You can ice skate on top of the building. Oh man, this Whole Foods is incredible.

::We arrive at my floor, say good day to each other and leave as he continues to tell her about Whole Foods’ Lamar location::